Los Pinos Church Project

Our Los Pinos Church Project is a fundraiser to raise funds for a plot of land to build a church on.  Los Pinos is a community in the city of Tijuana, located just across the border (in Mexico) from San Diego, California.  Currently, the church members (who number just over 50) are meeting in a horse stable.  While the symbolism and imagery of that is somewhat quaint, the reality is that it’s not a suitable long-term solution for the church body, especially with its anticipated growth.

Thus far we have been able to raise over $20,000.00 to purchase a plot of land.  However, we are just halfway to our goal of the $40,000.00 needed to purchase a lot big enough for a church, courtyard and a modest meeting room building.

This project is unique for the following reasons:

a.  The church has to be build within a two (2) mile radius of where the members are currently meeting;

b.  All we need is the lot.

The reason the church must be built within a two (2) mile radius of where the church members are currently meeting is because only one (1) church member has a vehicle; the remainder of the members do not drive and it is a foreign concept to them, stemming largely because the vast majority hail from the Mexican State of Chiapas.  All of the church members reside within walking distance of the current church meeting place.  As well, the church body is extremely poor.  The vast majority of the church members reside right near the train tracks.  They have set up small shacks to live in because within 100 yards on either side of the train tracks is federal land, where only the federal government can evict squatters.  Knowing this the church members set up temporary shacks near the railroad tracks while they are able to save enough money to be able to give a deposit and pay rent somewhere.

The lot is all we need!  Once we have a lot, an organization within the Seventh-Day Adventist Church known as Maranatha will come and build the lot, free of church.  And they will even provide most of the labor and all of the building materials.

If you can find it within your heart to donate to this cause, we, along with the church members of Los Pinos would greatly appreciate it.  Thank you and may the Lord Bless you and your family.


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